Your frontline managers deserve to flourish.

Employees are 400% less likely to leave a job when they are supported by a manager with high EQ and resilience. (Impact1, 2017)

What is a Cabana Balanced Leader?TM

Cabana has worked with experienced leaders and coaches from across the globe to create a 6-session foundational leadership program that respects the time-constrained demands of leaders. This easy to manage professional development program focuses on three (3) key tenets of balanced leadership.

How It Works

Kickoff call with Cabana Team

Once you decide The Cabana Balanced LeaderTM program is right for your organization, you will have a kickoff call with the Cabana Leadership team.

Identify employee population(s) to serve

During the kickoff call, you will identify the employee populations to start in the program and meet your dedicated client success lead.

Cabana onboards selected employees to the Program

Cabana will reach out to the selected employees, introducing them to the Balanced Leader Program(TM). During the onboarding process, the employees complete an initial assessment and select the coach that's right for them.

Employees complete program over 12 weeks

Employees complete 6 sessions with their coach(es) over 8-12 weeks. These employees will also have access to our live group support on Cabana.

Cabana provides ongoing results

Each partner works with a client success lead to review monthly progress.
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Measured Results

  • 100%
    100% of program participants acquired and applied new staff leadership skills.*
  • NPS: 100
    100% of participants would recommend this program to colleagues.*
  • 20%
    20% increase in the participants' overall mental well-being.*
*these results are based off of our initial 2022 pilot study.
One Nurse’s Story on the Value of Cabana’s Balanced Leader Program

With the current state of healthcare, this is one of the few things that can potentially hold together a layer of nursing that is ready to crumble.

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