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Meet Our Moderators

Dr. Ophelia Byers

Ophelia M. Byers, DNP, APRN, WHNP-BC, NEA-BC, CPXP, CDE®, she/her(s), is a nurse executive, speaker, leadership development mentor, and community service champion. Dr. Byers is the Chief Nursing Officer of Overlook Medical Center and Associate Chief Nurse Executive of Atlantic Health System. She has been in the nursing profession for 22 years, with a clinical background in Women and Children’s Health and progressive leadership roles over the last 13 years. Dr. Byers maintains national certifications in advanced nursing practice, executive nursing leadership, patient-family experience and diversity and inclusion. She is a member of the American Nurses Association’s Research Workgroup of the National Commission to Address Racism in Nursing; and her doctoral research manuscript — Giving While Grieving: Racism-Related Stress and Psychological Resilience in Black/African American Nurses —was peer-reviewed and published by the American Academy of Nursing’s Nursing Outlook journal. Dr. Byers is a former U.S. Army Reservist, 25-year member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., and her husband and their two children live in New York State. Learn more about Dr. Byers here

Fun Fact
When I was a 7th grader at Morgan Village Middle School in Camden, NJ, I was a contestant on Nickelodeon’s “Double Dare”! My team was “The Village People” [and we did not win].

Andrea Carew

Andrea has a B.Sc., (honours thesis biopsychology) and a Masters (public policy).  She has over 15 years combined experience in the Government of Canada (Foreign Affairs / Fisheries & Oceans) and UK government as an industry and public engagement / consultation manager and facilitator. Having retrained and certified (2014) as an integrative health coach(Duke Integrative Medicine) - She brings powerful and effective strategic skill as an instructor and facilitator in a diverse range of settings. Andrea is a compassionate agent for change when working with individuals or groups on health and wellbeing.

In addition to her role at Even Health as a regular moderator, Andrea is also lead instructor, facilitator and coach at the Atlantic Institutes for Resilience (AIR). She is also a Mentor and Coach Training Assistant at Duke Integrative Medicine (Duke UniversityHealth System) in their highly successful and rigorous Integrative Health CoachProfessional Training Program.

Andrea has also designed and delivered training modules for Government of Canada public servants on Reconciliation with Indigenous groups – a key government priority in Canada. She has also trained nursing students (Dalhousie University) as PeerHealth Coaches and served as a clinical instructor teaching mindfulness and coaching technique in healthcare to student nurses.

Fun Fact
For 2 years she hosted a weekly radio show in Nova Scotia called "Change Your Tune" designed to inform and inspire for lifestyle and behavior change for a more vibrant, full life. Reliable. Experienced, Talented, Passionate. Professional.

Lee Carter

Lee Carter is a native of Los Angeles, California who moved to the south while serving in the Air Force.  After her military service, she completed her studies to be a teacher and loved teaching young people.  Lee went on to complete master’s level work in education and in counseling and transitioned into serving children and families in the school setting and in the community as a counselor.  Lee now works independently as a Board Certified Life Coach and partners with people to help them create thriving and balanced lives and relationships.

Fun Fact
Lee is an avid reader, and one of her book treasures is an autographed copy of one her favorite books, “To Kill A Mockingbird,” by Harper Lee.

Dr. Maurya D. Cockrell

Dr. Maurya D. Cockrell is an established SDoH Solutionary and practitioner from St. Louis, Missouri. She holds a BS in health management from Saint Louis University, with a minor in theological studies, an MA from Webster University in human resources management, and a doctorate in health professions education from Logan University. She has received additional training in Evidence-Based Design (EDAC), Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare, Executive Coaching, Career Coaching, Spiritual Care, and certifications as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP), and Death Doula.

Dr. Cockrell founded Leaves Speak Healthcare in 2017. Leaves Speak offers caregiver interpersonal skills training, community-wide health promotion, death/elder doula services, and healthcare experience designing.

Fun Fact
Dr. Cockrell is a featured keyboardist and vocalist on four smooth jazz cds

Ann Cowper

Ann Marie, RN, BSN, HNB-BC, has been a registered nurse for over 30 years with experience in community health systems and major Medical Centers including specializations in critical care, trauma, neurosurgery and neurology, and pulmonary and medical intensive care. With a degree from the College of Nursing at the University of Florida, her career began at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and continued with Mary Washington Hospital in Virginia, before parting from the realm of traditional healthcare.

Ann Marie continued her career in case management and initiatives in new healthcare reform, working with doctors and their patients to reduce costs and guide patients. Through diversified employment, Ann Marie gained experience with multiple organizations, providing counsel to several patient categories. These clients ranged from elderly outpatients requiring short-term, rehabilitation care to long-term counseling for low-income, newly settled immigrant communities first encountering the US healthcare system; alternatively, Ann Marie has extensive experience developing long-term relationships for patients to understand their alternative healthcare options.

Fun Fact
I am trained in using tuning forks for sound therapy.

Bizzy Greisman

Hi my name is Elizabeth but most people call me Bizzy. I am a graduate of the University of Maryland with a B.A. in Psychology and have a passion for helping others through improving mental health. I'm thrilled to be able to reach a wider audience and am excited to make my passion a career through Even Health. I’ve done extensive research on stress management and anxiety. I have received certifications for Psychological First Aid and am a trained 7Cups listener. I regularly practice mindfulness and meditation to improve my personal mental health. In my free time I enjoy hiking, yoga, cooking, spending time with friends, and strength training. Coming Soon!

Fun Fact
I have a pet goat named Lacey.

Kristine Hoestermann

Kristine Hoestermann is a licensed clinical social worker who graduated with a Healthcare Track Master Degree in Social Worker from New York University in May 2012. That July, Kristine began practicing at Child and Family Services in Washington, DC. Kristine has been fortunate to work with many demographics and clinical settings, such as working in law firms, schools, private practice, hospitals, and teletherapy. Kristine was diagnosed with a rare disease that changed everything and has given her a new perspective in which she sees the world. Through the experience of having a rare disease, Kristine has been able to use her voice and clinical skills to grow a platform that brings the invisible -visible. Kristine loves learning new things, being creative, and to-do lists.

Fun Fact
I love Taylor Swift, Meredith Grey and True Crime

Michael Kirkman

My top priorities in my life are my faith and giving back to my community, being a father of two little girls, having a purposeful career, and enhancing all my relationships. I work as a bedside nurse and health coach for a transplant unit at a university hospital in the South. I have a passion for learning and seeing how I can grow on all levels and share my experience with others. I enjoy being outside, being active, and having quality conversation and good laughs.

Fun Fact
Nursing is a second career for me. I have only been at it for 4 years, yet it has been one of the best decisions of my life.

Dr. Joy Lauerer

Dr. Joy Lauerer is a Psychiatric APRN and former nurse educator who is committed to excellence and education for medical providers. She is passionate about the implementation of innovative interventions for wellness, trauma and moral distress. Joy has educated nurses on the importance of self-care through many health care challenges over the course of 20 plus years. Joy received The Golden Lamp award an unprecedented 4 times chosen by the nursing students at Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) as the nurse they would most like to emulate as a professional nurse.  Joy is a Child/ Adolescent Mental health APRN whose practice is focused on improving access to evidence-based interventions in school and family settings. She is recognized nationally for her work with children and families and has advanced training in cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness-based mediation.

Joy believes mental health is an important personal resource that can be nurtured, developed and protected.

Fun Fact
Joy started a wedding floral design business after the birth of her daughter to afford her more time to be at home before re-entering the nursing workforce. One of her bridal bouquets was featured in the wedding section of Town and Country magazine.

Bri Luginbill

Bri Luginbill is a compassion coach, yin yoga teacher, and breathwork instructor. She strives help teach others how to be more kind to themselves through each of her expertise.

Fun Fact
Bri has an aerial yoga swing installed at her home and not only she enjoys it but her son loves it for sensory time.

Jake Mayers

Jake Mayers is a Transformational Coach that helps people regain control of life. Jake turned the pain of his 15-year battle with Chronic Lyme Disease into his mission to help others. But first, he failed Kindergarten- yes, it’s okay to laugh.That was when he began cultivating the ability to respond to challenges in an empowering way. He learned to embrace his unique differences as opportunities, rather than obstacles. That mindset propelled him through Lyme Disease and into launching a coaching business to help people live more fulfilled lives!
Jake has a unique ability to connect with and support people through difficult times. He endured years of treatments, during which he was unable to function. He learned the hard way, but eventually turned things around. He went on to develop a signature WORTH Coaching Model to help others do the same. Jake’s work surrounding The WORTH Model has delivered massive, sustainable transformations.

Fun Fact
Jake is an action-oriented empath who can’t wait to be present with you as you overcome your obstacles and thrive.

Rudy Olivo

Rudy Olivo is a Board Certified Chaplain who has served as the Senior Chaplain directly responsible to three different three star generals. He holds a BA in Spanish and an MS in Criminology both from Indiana State University. Additionally, he earned an M. Div from Asbury Theological Seminary. His work experience also includes time as a Branch Manager at two different banking institutions and serving as a pastor in Alabama and Florida.

In all of Rudy’s roles he has been called upon to listen, reflect, and guide persons in a wide variety of life situations. He is honored to meet and be present with people in times of struggle and loves seeing people thrive.

Fun Fact
In 1988 Rudy went to a Cincinnati Reds game where he waited through a two hour rain delay to witness a perfect game. It was one of only 23 pitched in major league baseball history.

Kristine Pangilinan

I have been a Registered Nurse since 2007.  I started off working in the hospital but have worked primarily in Home Health/Hospice and Case Management and more recently I have worked in the Mental Health field.

I am a nurse that experienced burnout and took a hiatus from Nursing to care for my own health (Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical) as well as pursue some of my other passions including becoming an organic farmer, studying herbal medicine, backpacking and traveling.

I've since returned to my Nursing career with a holistic perspective (and some interesting experiences) and I am interested in helping people improve their health and happiness through lifestyle changes, food, herbal and movement medicine and stress management.  I practice meditation, yoga, hula hooping and roller skating and I develop my connection with Nature through hiking, swimming and growing food and medicine.  

Fun Fact
I played roller derby under the alias Suzy Lee Killing Spree.

Monica Ricci

Monica Ricci has been facilitating positive change for over twenty years. She founded Catalyst Organizing, LLC in 1998, working with individuals, business owners and business teams to help clarify priorities, achieve goals, create organization, and improve productivity. She has been an author, blogger, speaker, radio host, panel creator and moderator and has shared her expertise on Fox & Friends, CNN.com and HGTV along with many others.

Today, she uses her experience and talents to facilitate positive change and transformation through personal and professional development coaching, speaking and social media. Her engaging programs strike a balance between educating and entertaining and audiences leave energized, informed, and inspired to take action!

Fun Fact
Monica lives nomadically, coaching via Zoom while traveling the country. When she isn’t driving to a new city, she enjoys strength training, cycling, rock and roll and high quality butter.

Dr. Ecoee Rooney

A distinguished leader, Dr. Rooney has more than 20 years of nursing leadership experience and is a recognized expert in forensic nursing and nursing leadership.  She is the Director of Nursing LeadershipDevelopment for Ochsner Health and the President of the Louisiana State Nurses Association.

Dr. Rooney is sought out for her expertise in leadership, retention, healthy work environments, nursing ethics, forensic nursing, mitigating compassion fatigue, and serving the needs of vulnerable populations. She has presented workshops on recovering from conflict and trauma for international participants including former prisoners of war and those serving in refugee camps.  

An active member in nine national and regional professional nursing organizations, Rooney was recently named a Distinguished Fellow of the Academy of Forensic Nursing and is the Founding Chair of theEthics Committee for the Academy of Forensic Nursing.  She serves on the Board of Directors for theNew Orleans Family Justice Center’s Hope Clinic which provides forensic exams and primary care and behavioral health services to survivors of domestic violence.

Fun Fact
Ecoee lives on a farm with her family and some pretty awesome animals including a llama, emus, cow, pigs, chickens, horses and more!

Chad Sanders

Chad began his nursing/healthcare journey in 2009 when he obtained his BSN from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. He currently works as Stress Management Nurse Clinician/Coach at a major university health system in the Southeast. Prior to his current role, he had experience in cardiology, psychiatry, and pediatrics with a focus on childhood obesity.  Throughout his career he has been drawn to the synergy between nursing and coaching and supporting individuals with behavioral change.  He was first trained as an Integrative Health Coach by Duke Integrative Medicine in2012.  He later pursued training in nurse coaching from the International Nurse Coach Association and became Nurse Coach-Board Certified in 2015. In 2018, he completed his graduate degree from the University of East London and obtained his MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. Chad is not only passionate about providing holistic and integrative care for patients but extends this passion to support and advocate for the well-being/resiliency of his nursing/inter-professional family. He co-facilitates coaching seminars around ethical dilemmas and self-care for the nurse residency program and  strength-based seminars for the nurse fellowship program within his organization. Chad’s motto is "Self-care is Patient Care". He also conducts his own private coaching/consulting practice.

Fun Fact
Practicing what he preaches, Chad enjoys the "zest" of life by dancing (Zouk, Ecstatic/mindful movement, and Hip-Hop), unicycling, CrossFitting, traveling to see his Family in Peru, and eating worldly cuisines.

Sara Scheller MS, BSN, RN, NBC-HWC, HNB-BC

Hit by a car on May 6th (Nurses Day) at the age of four years old, Sara was destined to become a nurse. Within a few years of working in the intensive care unit (ICU) and in her new role as a mom, Sara experienced burnout. She re-connected with her holistic roots as she was brought up and began the deep work of finding new meaning and purpose in her work. Her background spans bedside nursing in the ICU for more than ten years. She received her Associate Degree in Nursing from Ocean County College, aBachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Stockton University, and completed her Master of Science in Complementary and Integrative Health with a focus in Women’s Health from Drexel University in 2020. She has obtained numerous certifications including a National Board Certification in Health & Wellness Coaching following her training at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a HolisticNurse Board Certification following training through The Integrative HealingArts Academy, and is a certified HeartMath® Coach/Mentor through the Institute of Heartmath. She currently works for a large health care organization incorporate nursing education teaching holistic nursing. She also volunteers her time as the American Holistic Nurses Association local chapter leader in her area.

Fun Fact
My ideal day would be a bike ride to the ocean for beach yoga followed by an outside shower.

Monica Tennant

I've been a Registered Nurse for 25 years and a Clinical Nurse Specialist for 14 years in Critical and Acute Care. I am certified as an Adult Critical Care and Acute Care Clinical Nurse Specialist and licensed as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN). I have experience in cardiology, medical-surgical, orthopedics, neurovascular, stroke, oncology and COVID hospital units. I have been practicing yoga intermittently for 25 years and working towards Holistic and Nurse Coaching certification. My research has focused on cardiovascular risk factors, adult learning and motivation, education, aromatherapy, compassion fatigue, burnout and secondary traumatic stress in healthcare personnel. I love dancing, nature, hiking, camping, biking, beachcombing, boating, fishing, painting, birdwatching, gardening, crafts, reading fiction and clinical research journals.

Fun Fact
My family is Cajun and Creole (aka Bayou and River French) from Lutcher, Donaldsonville and Napoleonville, LA and I'm actively experimenting to create gluten-free beignets.

Alexis Thompson

Alexis is a California native who views mental well-being as the foundation to overall health. She has a Master of Public Health with a certificate in Social Determinants of Health from Emory University. Prior to joining Even Health, Alexis worked in clinical research and studied the impacts of socioeconomic factors on patient outcomes after traumatic injuries. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, swimming, kickboxing, yoga, and going to concerts.

Fun Fact
I am allergic to avocados.

Holly Wade

Holly Wade is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and has 18 years of experience as a Therapist.  She has worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings in Federal Agencies, State Psychiatric Hospital Systems,  and large Health Systems.  Over the last ten years Holly has primarily focused the mental health needs of health care professionals. Originally from New York, Holly received her BS at Juniata College in Pennsylvania and her MA at LIU, CW Post Campus in New York.

Fun Fact
As a teenager, Holly completed and medaled in the AAU Junior Olympics in Tae Kwon Do.

Teresa Walding

Teresa Walding, BSN, RN, NC-BC, is a holistic nurse with 30 years of experience in ICU, rehab, psychiatric, home health, post-anesthesia recovery, and teaching.  She graduated from Boise State University and is a board-certified in Nurse Coach. As a lifelong learner, she has received training in systems management, change theory, leadership, business, and marketing for healthcare, coaching, and mentoring. In addition, Teresa is a speaker and writer and has published articles about resilience and healing. Teresa is the Associate Director of the Advancing Nurse Coaching program, teaching the Resilience Principles Paradigm coaching model to nurses and health professionals globally.

After five years of chronic pain, many appointments (with no diagnosis), and bone-crushing depression, I was tired. I wanted to quit nursing. I wanted relief from my suffering but didn’t know how to “do” it. Then I attended a conference titled “Why Aren’t We More Resilient?” by Dr. Keith Blevens. It was about how thought works from the inside-out that I had never heard before, thought as a fact and not a belief. Yet, it resonated so profoundly that my pain melted away in the middle of the conference. The following Monday, I found renewed interest and joy in my work. I then realized the world around me hadn’t changed, but inside, I was different, calmer. Finally, I had clarity of thinking and felt grateful that I had found relief.

Since then, my life’s mission has been to help others achieve life-changing results for themselves through an inside-out understanding of how our thinking works. One thought can change everything.

Fun Fact
I love to take long rides on the back of my husband’s motorcycle. There’s nothing quite like speed, fresh air, and the wind to make you feel alive.

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